Matthew Adams, LPC

Matthew Adams is a licensed professional counselor with experience working with adult populations struggling with substance use and co-morbid disorders that include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma and adjustment crises, and personality disorders.  He has found this experience to be enlightening, offering insight into the ways that mood, mind, and behavior form a cluster of issues that can devastate the lives of clients. He uses this knowledge and his life experiences to drive his work as a counselor. Matt received his Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Carlow University.  Matt also has experience with teaching writing and literature and holds a Master’s degree in Fiction Writing from Bennington College. Through his work, Matt found interest in applying writing and journaling to counseling and how to apply his work with expressive arts to individual growth and development. He feels that whether through our language or behaviors, our relationships or career choices, our creative pursuits, interests, or hobbies, human beings are in constant search of a way of expressing our experiences, which in turn helps us make sense of them, adjust ourselves, and go forward with a greater understanding of who we are as a result. It has been both his personal mission and lifetime goal, to help facilitate this process, whether through the design of creative projects or simply through the compassionate act of listening, validating, and comforting.  Additionally, he has felt that it has been both immensely rewarding and gratifying to be invited into clients’ lives at moments when they may be in the depth of their deepest struggles, yet, they open themselves to trust and faith in the process of therapy. 



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