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Couples Therapy

We have all heard the statistics related to marriage, divorce, second and subsequent marriages, etc.  Its dismal to say the least.  The divorce rate is in the 40 - 50% range while subsequent marriages have a higher divorce rate over 60%.

There are new statistics that suggest that the rate at which people are choosing to get married has dropped.  These are disheartening facts.  

Relationships are often the most rewarding aspects of our lives, but more often than not, they can also be the most challenging.  A commonly heard mantra is that "love is all you need", but in reality relationships take work.  Often times, couples, start off in that newlywed phase, and as time goes on, life starts getting in the way.  Another staggering statistic is that it has been reported that couples, married and unmarried, may wait up to six years before seeking any type of counseling, if they seek counseling at all.  In many instances, these relationships are already on the verge of breaking up, with the parties conflicted about their commitment to each other.


There are many factors and scenarios that play a role in altering romantic  relationships.  Common issues that cause couples to begin a downward spiral into the breakup pit include the following:

  • Poor communication

  • Infidelity

  • intimacy problems

  • Finances

  • Parenting issues

  • Family conflicts

Couples Counseling is not easy, and requires each party to be open and honest about their emotions, feelings, behavior, and commitment to their relationship.  Each party is responsible for being respectful of the other, needing to be accountable for their actions.  

Clinicians are not magicians that can just "fix" the issues.   We can help couples identify issues and work through problems. 


Therapists provide techniques and methods to help with more productive ways to engage with a partner, de-escalate conflict and hopefully promote a healthier improved relationship.

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In some cases, the problems and issues may be just too great to overcome or one party has decided that they are not commited any longer to the relationship. Maybe breaking up is the best option.  Whether the relationship or marriage ends amicably or with significantly more drama, the transition is difficult.  And when children are involved, there is much more at stake. 

At Summit, we can help couples through the transitions, how to tell the kids, provide guidance on the emotions involved with the loss of a relationship. 

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