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Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy:


This type of treatment is used if an individual or family is in crisis or has special needs.  This treatment is usually recommended for a patient with personality disorders, relationship dysfunction, or adjustment difficulties due to life stressors.  Individual therapy may involve using behavioral, cognitive, supportive or dynamic therapies, and the length of treatment may differ depending on the treatment type recommended and the patient’s ability to develop insight and/or make behavioral changes.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy:


This type of treatment may also be used in conjunction with individual treatment or may be the only treatment recommended.  Family therapy is used when the patient is experiencing difficulties functioning within the family, or when family members need assistance or training in learning to live with a patient who has a psychiatric disorder.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy:


Couples therapy is for married and unmarried couples who are contemplating separating and divorce or are trying to to resolve difficulties in the relationship, ranging from communication, trust, infidelity, sexual, etc....  This type of treatment can be used along with individual therapy, if there are difficulties in a primary relationship.  It can also be used if the identified patient’s psychiatric disorder is adversely affecting the relationship.  

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